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Team Picture: 10 years together

10 years of Basking Babies: 10 amazing things to know

Thursday 23 June 2022
Team picture for 10 years of Basking Babies

Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Well on the 16th of June 2022, we officially turned 10 years old!

The last 10 years have flown by and we’ve accomplished a lot, none of which could have been achieved without the incredible support that we have received from young families. 

If you’re new to the Basking Babies community then let us share 10 fun facts and amazing achievements from the last 10 years with you…

1 – Basking Babies was born when our CEO’s first baby was born!

Did you know that the 16th of June calls for two special birthday celebrations?

Basking Babies came into being when Carla’s first born, Ethan, entered the world. Whilst Carla was pregnant she explored the benefits of baby massage and trained to become an instructor. Following Ethan’s birth, she knew that she had to bring the magic of baby massage into other parents’ lives.

And as they say, the rest was history – Basking Babies was born!

Carla and Ethan in 2022.

2 -The first Basking Babies class was held in a living room!

Yes, you read that right!

Whilst you may be more used to attending Basking Babies classes at local venues, when starting out Carla actually hosted her classes from her living room in Brentwood.

We’ve come a long way since then, but one thing that has never changed is the amazing quality of our classes!

3 – People can buy their own Basking Babies business

You may not know this, but you can actually buy your own Basking Babies business!

Once Carla saw the demand for her Basking Babies classes, she knew she had to expand. Carla decided to grow the business through franchising so that she could empower other new mums with their very own Basking Babies branch!

Our business model means that new parents can balance quality family time with part-time hours teaching Basking Babies classes, and make a great income.

If this is something that interests you, download a free copy of our prospectus just here!

Kerry one of our franchisees practicing baby massage

4 – You can practice baby massage anywhere

Once you’ve learnt our magical massage and yoga moves in class, you can practice them anywhere! 

A perfect example of this was during the uncertain times of 2020-21. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic shook us all up, we saw some light during a very dark time. We moved with the technology of today and worked hard to find ways to still bring amazing quality classes to our parents and babas online.

It just goes to show that any setting can be the perfect place to connect with baba and see the beauty of Basking Babies. The special massage sequences we teach are perfect for mums and dads to practice within the comfort of their own homes or any other relaxing environment that suits you!

5 – We’re a name known across the UK

Did you know that Basking Babies is a household name across the UK, and even in parts of Europe?

Once our classes went online, they became even more accessible to even more families. We even had one mama join us from Malaysia! So if you join us for an online class, you can expect to connect with mums, dads and babies from all walks of life.

Team pic

6 – We host private sessions

We have always wanted to teach the magic of baby massage and yoga in a way that works for our parents. Some of us prefer a more intimate learning environment, and this is where our private classes have been a real hit.

Whether you’d like to learn 1-1 or with a group of close friends, these private sessions are a great way to go. You can create lasting memories in an environment that is right for you!

7 – We have been committed to raising money for amazing causes

As a business, we have always been committed to giving back in whatever way we can.

This is why we have made it a priority to host charitable dress ups and fun activities to raise funds for amazing charities and causes such as Great Ormond Street Hospital and Mind
Your generosity and support for these events have led us to make a real difference in the lives of young families across the UK. So thank you for helping Basking Babies with all of our charitable goals. You can keep an eye out for upcoming fundraisers on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Dress up for GOSH

8 – Annual award ceremonies – yes please!

Amazing achievements deserve to be rewarded, right?

Well, we certainly think so!

This is why every year, we shine a light on our superstar franchisees. It’s just a little way of showing our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Our award ceremony takes place at our Annual Conference, where all of our franchisees come together in person.

Every member of our team deserves praise for the fantastic work that they do and the impact they have had in young families’ lives. We are very proud of our loving community!

9 – We’re award winners

Not only do we give out awards, but we also win them!

We’ve got a few big awards under our belt, that we are very proud of.

We’ve been recognised by the Essex Mums Awards, Parent and Baby Awards and most recently Jacqueline Gold CBE’s WOW awards!

For us, our priority is providing the best for the young families who attend our classes. Having our hard work recognised with awards from fantastic figures and organisations is an amazing added bonus.

Celebrating 10 years of success

10 – We’re showing no signs of slowing down!

We may have accomplished a lot over the last 10 years but we still have a lot more that we want to do!

We’re working on new classes, growing our team of franchisees and expanding throughout the UK! So watch this space, and keep your eyes peeled to see the exciting things that will be coming to Basking Babies in the near future!

Here’s to the next 10 years!


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