Head Office (online only)

Individual/Bespoke sessions

All of our courses can be delivered individually, or with your own group of friends, and tailored to your specific needs and requirements in the comfort of your own home.

  • Intro to baby massage (one-off session)
  • Colic Alleviation & Prevention (one-off session)
  • Full baby massage routine (weekly sessions)
  • Baby massage for Dads (one-off session)
  • Compact Course (one-off session)

Please contact me to arrange your course or session of choice.

An introduction to Basking Babies in Head Office (online only) from Carla Davison

Hi I’m Carla, the founder of Basking Babies. I’m passionate about supporting and empowering parents through their early parenting journey and have designed a whole range of classes to make this a reality. All of our classes provide much needed ‘escapism’ from the fast pace of normal life and have common themes at their core – being the power of positive touch and relaxation.  I’m also Mum to three boys so I understand how incredible, yet simultaneously challenging, parenthood can be.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to my classes.


Carla Davison