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Basking Babies baby yoga from home (for crawlers)

Thursday 02 September 2021

This week, we’ve put together a selection of baby yoga moves to enjoy with your little one from home. The perfect rainy day activity!

These particular baby yoga moves are suitable for toddlers of any age and babies from six months. There are many benefits of each move – from supporting baby’s physical development to strengthening and toning our bodies. Most of all, these moves are enjoyable and great for that ‘feel good feeling’ with your little one.

Please read the instructions carefully before attempting the moves to ensure both yours and your child’s safety. If you choose to follow these exercises, you do so at your own risk. Please consult a medical professional if you have any concerns, a history of health problems, a previous injury, are pregnant or post-partum.

Let’s get moving with some baby yoga

Child’s pose for grown-up

Benefits – stretch to the hips, thighs, ankles and back while relaxing the muscles in the front of the body and helping to reduce stress and fatigue.

  • Kneel on the floor sitting back on your heels. Your knees can be together or apart – choose what is most comfortable for you.
  • Rest your forehead on the ground in front of you if you can. Your arms can be stretched out in front of you or relaxed by your sides.
  • Take a moment to breathe deeply, enjoy some inward focus and top up with energy, creativity and positivity.

Child’s pose with parent

Benefits – bonding and exciting move for baby, providing a different view of the world.

  • Get ready for child’s pose as in the first move, but encourage your little one to stand behind you facing your back.
  • Clasp them under their bottom and gently lean forwards into the pose so that they lie on top of you while you do the pose.
  • Keep hold of baby at all times and listen to baby’s cues if they want to return back to the ground.

Downward dog for parent

Benefits – energises and rejuvenates the entire body. It deeply stretches your hamstrings, shoulders, calves, hands, and spine while building strength in your arms, shoulders and legs.

  • Start on your hands and knees, then spread your fingers wide, and press firmly through your palms and fingers.
  • Exhale as you tuck your toes and lift your knees off the floor.
  • Reach your pelvis up to the ceiling as you gently begin to straighten your legs, but do not lock your knees.
  • Bring your body into the shape of an A. Imagine your hips and thighs being pulled backwards from the top of your thighs.
  • Press the floor away from you as you lift through your pelvis, lengthen your spine.

Supported downward dog for child

Benefits – extends the spine, strengthens the upper body and can help to relieve tension.

  • With baby on their hands and knees, gently hold them around their hips and gently lift their hips up towards a downward dog pose.
  • Follow your baby’s lead and only lift their hips into the full stretch if they are happy for you to do so.
  • Older babies will often begin to do this pose themselves, particularly if they see you do it.

Mountain pose

Benefits – alignment and strengthening of the body for
parent and a bonding and exciting move for baby.

  • Hold your little one securely around the ribs or hips.
  • Make sure that your feet are firmly grounded, stand tall and engage your core.
  • Inhale to prepare, then as you exhale, lift your baby high into the air and sit them on your head.
  • Take a few breaths and then exhale and engage your core before lifting baby up off your head and lowering them down.

Want to know more about baby yoga?

Have fun with your little one and let us know how you get on!

Our Move With Me: Baby Yoga (for crawlers) course – encompassing these moves – will be available in our in-person classes from January 2022. We can’t wait!

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