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Crawling and walking baby yoga classes launch!

Thursday 06 January 2022

We are thrilled here at Basking Babies to be launching not one, but two brand new baby yoga courses this month! Read on to find out all about the fun we had during training and what you can enjoy when you get signed up.

What is baby yoga?

Basking Babies baby yoga classes encourage playful interaction and communication between you and your little one. Not only promoting healthy development in your baby’s early months and years but ensuring everyone has fun along the way.

Baby yoga classes perfectly compliment baby massage but you don’t have to have completed a baby massage course in order to join! We’ll expand on the benefits of touch with those of quality physical movement and relaxation in class.

The moves you learn in class can be practised instantly anywhere, anytime. It is beneficial for all babies and you don’t need to practice yoga or even know anything about yoga to get started with your baby.

Our baby yoga classes have previously been suitable for pre-crawling babies of three months and over. The good news now is the journey doesn’t have to stop once your baby starts to crawl!

Baby yoga (crawling)

Suitable for crawling/nearly crawling babies from 6 months, this is the perfect follow on class to baby yoga for pre-crawlers.

The moves are designed to support your baby on their crawling journey while also strengthening and toning your body. All while having lots of fun and enjoying a blissful relaxation at the end of each session.

Baby yoga (walking)

This course is designed for walking or nearly walking babies from 9 months old and is the perfect follow on class to baby yoga (crawling).

As babies grow older and become more familiar with the moves, the sequences in class become more active and playful while also ensuring continuation from previous classes to keep little ones happy and secure.

Parents can look forward to a greater variety of yoga moves for themselves in these classes in line with post-natal healing and recovery.

Training up franchisees

The team had A LOT of fun training to teach these brand new courses! Here are a couple of our favourite pictures from the weekend…

Sign me up!

All of our classes are informal, informative, fun and relaxed and can provide incredible benefits for both you and baby.

Moves for mum have also been specially adapted for any expectant mothers who are joining with their crawling/ walking baby.

If you are an expectant or new parent looking for the best start for you and your baby, then find your nearest Basking Babies class and join us to experience the magic for yourself in-person or live online.

About the author

Jen Dowding

Franchise owner and instructor for Basking Babies Laindon & Orsett and Online Only courses. Admin & Marketing Assistant for Head Office.


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