Prepare Us: Introduction to baby massage - Orsett Village Hall - February 2020

Instructor Start Date Time Duration Location Price
Jen Dowding 17/02/2020 Mondays (7:00 pm - 8:30 pm) One-off session 1.5 hours Orsett Village Hall, Mill Lane, High Road, Grays, RM16 3HB £25
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About Prepare Us: Introduction to baby massage

This workshop is perfect for expectant parents. It is a unique introductory session specifically designed to give you a head-start into the world of baby massage before your baby is born. You will learn about the incredible benefits of baby massage and some invaluable massage techniques so that you and your baby can benefit from baby massage and positive touch as soon as baby arrives. It is therefore ideal to complete this workshop whilst pregnant to give you the confidence to begin massaging your baby immediately from birth. You can then build on these initial techniques once baby arrives and learn a full baby massage routine to enjoy with your baby on our Baby Massage Course (for beginners) whenever you are ready to, or if you notice signs of unsettledness, wind or congestion in the early days/weeks you may want to book on our highly effective Colic Alleviation & Prevention course as soon as possible. Included in the price of the course, you will receive a bottle of our Basking Babies organic baby massage oil, professional handouts and refreshments. There is nothing specific that you need to bring to the class, although you may want to purchase one of our Basking Babies towels so that you have it ready for baby massage for when baby arrives.

About Basking Babies in Laindon & Orsett

Hi, my name is Jen and welcome to Basking Babies Thurrock.

I was first introduced to Basking Babies in 2017 when I took my daughter, Harriet, to classes when she was three months old. What started out as an opportunity to get out of the house during those whirlwind early months turned into something even more special – I made friends with local parents, enjoyed a unique bonding experience with my baby, not to mention the opportunity to drink a hot cup of tea in a calm and relaxed environment every week.

The benefits of baby massage are far-reaching, from colic alleviation to nap and bedtime settling techniques – to this day, Harriet still asks for a back rub before bed. As a qualified baby massage instructor, I am able to share these invaluable skills with other parents which is incredibly rewarding.

If you’d like to know more about the classes on offer, or have any questions at all about baby massage, feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jen Dowding