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Meet Charlotte: Epping & Harlow franchisee

Thursday 08 April 2021

Charlotte, what is your favourite Basking Babies course? 

Naturally, I’ve always enjoyed teaching our Nurture Me: Baby Massage course the most, as it’s the one I first did with my little girl nearly 4 years ago. 

What is so good about baby massage then? 

The course begins with a detailed introduction into the benefits of massage. I remember hearing, (as a sleep deprived new mum) that it helped with “sleep” and thinking – hallelujah! Now when I teach this class to other mums, I love to share the benefits as there are always mums who are surprised my many of them. 

What do you love about teaching baby massage? 

Because the course builds up the massage week after week. You get to see, both the mums and babies relax and enjoy it more and more. We also end each session with different conversation topic; from settling techniques, to juggling our emotions when our baby’s are unsettled. It’s amazing to see the mums open up and speak out so honestly. It’s a little bit like therapy. This is also where you see friendships blossom and connections are made over a simple “I felt that way too”. 

So there is a lot more to it than learning how to massage your baby? 

It’s baby massage, but I know for many this course is so much more. Like it was for me those years ago. 

When is the right time to join you for baby massage classes? 

If you are considering signing up for a new baby course – then baby massage is a wonderful beginners course for new mums to attend. Babies are welcome from birth and it’s a safe and welcoming space to begin your “baby class” journey. 

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