Perfect. Relaxing music, voice, environment. Very peaceful and relaxing. Love knowing about the potential wide-ranging benefits, particularly wind/sleep

Christine with baby Finley

The course gives you interaction with your baby that you don’t often have time for at home. Carla has a soothing/calming style. It’s a fun course that equips you with a range of techniques for enjoyment but also to help with the health and wellbeing of your baby

Charlotte with baby Hannah

The course has given me a tool to help my baby relax, also to help with colic and to be close to my baby

Jenny with baby Ella

Carla has a great teaching manner, very calming, informative and a joy to listen to

Wendi with baby Harry

It was relaxed enough to ask questions, but not too slow. Handouts were really clear and helpful. The colic massage has proven particularly useful whilst introducing solids

Carrie with baby Jesper