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The Baby Shower Gifts that your Expectant Friends Really Want

The baby shower gifts that your expectant friends really want

Thursday 01 July 2021

Is one of your gorgeous friends welcoming a beautiful bundle of joy into their life very soon?

If so, you may be looking for a special gift to mark the impending new arrival. Whether it is something small or something rather extravagant, your contribution and thought will no doubt be warmly welcomed by the mum-to-be! However, if you need some inspiration and you’re working with a particular budget then we’ve created the ultimate baby shower gift guide just for you. Hopefully, this will steer your gift search in the right direction.

The Baby Shower Gifts that your Expectant Friends Really Want

Beautiful budget options (up to £25)  

As they say a little goes a long way and that can definitely be true of baby shower gifts too. If you are working with a smaller budget then we’ve got some excellent suggestions that all mamas-to-be will love!

Little treats for mum

Your friend has been carrying a little one inside of her for months; so it is only normal that you may want to give her some pick me up goodies. From a few nice smellies to a couple of calming candles, a little piece of love for mum is always an appreciated gift! These types of gifts are always useful and are great if you are sticking to a budget, as you can shop within your price range.

We recommend this lovely natural soy wax candle from Kind Red Fires, which has an empowering message for your friend on her journey to motherhood.

Basking Babies vouchers

Our fabulous Basking Babies gift vouchers are a great gift for new parents as they can be redeemed on any of our classes or branded gifts.

If you’re shopping on a particular budget then these are perfect as you decide how much you wish to put on, anything between £10-200! We’ll then deliver it straight to your email inbox – ready to be forwarded on to your friend or you can print it and pop it in their card.  

Therefore, if life is a little hectic and you’re running out of time picking your baby shower gift, then we’ve definitely got you sorted. This is also a fabulous way to avoid duplicating gifts with others as your mummy-to-be friend can select exactly what she needs.

Book a Prepare Us: Introduction to Baby Massage class

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and reasonably priced ‘experience’ then our Prepare Us class is a fantastic option. This class is a one-off introduction to baby massage, so it’s perfect for pregnant ladies as they can learn essential massage techniques for when their baby arrives.

Our calming methods of massage are an invaluable gift for your friend and their newborn, and with this class being just £25 it’s a fabulous present to give when you’re on a budget!

Self-made gift vouchers/pledges

Hand-made gift vouchers and pledges to your pregnant friends are a gorgeous idea. You could make a promise to babysit once the new baby arrives or maybe you’ll volunteer to bring a home-cooked meal round to take one stress off the new parents.

These vouchers are promises from the heart, with the generosity and thought going beyond any monetary value.

Spending that little bit more… (up to £50)

If you’re looking to spend a few more pennies on somebody very special, then these are some of our luxury suggestions.

A baby memory book

A baby memory book is an amazing gift for an expectant mum when attending their baby shower. These books are filled with pages that will allow new parents to document every special memory that they experience with their little one. From pregnancy pictures to their first day at nursery, it will allow the new arrival to see their growth in years down the line.

We absolutely love this gender-neutral baby book for £29.95 from Not On The Highstreet as it’s suitable for friends who are waiting for a surprise!

Basking Babies hamper

A beautiful hamper filled with Basking Babies goodies… need we say more?

Our gorgeous hampers are £29.99 and are available in blue or pink – the perfect gift for an expectant mum.

Our luxury sets come with a gorgeous hooded baby towel, an organic baby massage oil, and an essential branded flask for your expectant friend’s on-the-go cups of tea. The bamboo basket and decadent bow make it a beautiful gift to arrive to a baby shower with.

Book mum onto a Relax with Bump course

Our Relax With Bump classes are another perfect option for a baby shower present. Here your friend will learn invaluable techniques to empower them through birthing whilst meeting fellow future mums and spend an hour away from the hectic ways of the world in a calm and peaceful environment. 

Our Relax With Bump classes run for five weeks and are priced at just £40. An incredibly thoughtful gift to give your friend at her baby shower.

Splashing out (£50+)

The following gifts may be a little more than the average person would spend, but they are fantastic for a group of you to club together to get, or as a special gift from a Dad-to-be!

A nappy cake

Have you heard of a nappy cake?

If not, let us tell you more about them. They essentially consist of tiers of nappies and baby-related goodies presented in the shape of a cake! They look amazing, and you may want to give this to your friend a couple of days before the shower as they can use it as part of their baby shower decorations.

We’ve popped this item in the more lavish spending section, however with determination and time on your hands you could definitely make a good nappy cake with a lower budget too!

A pregnancy calendar

Our friends over at The Pregnancy Calendar Co. create the ultimate pregnancy gifts for mums-to-be. 

We are a little bit obsessed with their 24 day calendars that

contain a special gift every day for the mum-to-be in the run up to baby’s arrival. It is perhaps every pregnant lady’s dream gift!

These calendars are definitely a high-end buy, but they are ideal if a few of you are clubbing together for something special to wow your friend.

Post-birth spa day

Our final luxury gift is something we think any mum-to-be definitely deserves after growing a little life in her for many months. It’s time for some TLC, and what better way to restore some self-love, than with a trip to the spa?

Purchasing a special gift like a spa day for your friend to enjoy after the birth of their little one, gives them something to look forward to post-pregnancy. You could even make a girlie day out of it and book yourself along too. Even better that you’ll both be able to share a cheeky bit of fizz together!

Let’s Round Things up…

We hope you have found our ultimate Basking Babies gift guide useful in assisting your search for finding something unique for your friend. Whether you bring something big or small, simple or extravagant, the most important part of your friend’s baby shower is you being there. Your support, love and kindness is key and anything else is a bonus!


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