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Tips from a twin mum

Thursday 11 November 2021

Hi I’m Natalie – the franchisee for Basking Babies Brentwood & Billericay – and my interesting fact… I’m an identical twin (seven minutes younger than my sister Rebecca!)

I chatted to my mum Liz for her top tips on life as a twin mum.

You’ll never forget the first time you get to see baby at your scan, but nothing can describe the shock and excitement of finding out you’ve got two blessings!

A story I always enjoy hearing is when the sonographer joyfully declared at my mum’s 12-week scan; “so you’ve got two!” My parents thought she was referring to my older siblings who were waiting outside but she explained “no you’ve got two” and pointed at my mum’s tummy and the screen!  

Find your village

Trust me, all twin-mums will have that moment of panic when realisation hits… how will I cope with two newborns?

Two mouths to feed, two bums to change, how do you afford two of everything? But just like any other new mum you just do. 

Liz’s first tip is that you don’t need two of everything, but a second pair of hands is always welcome!  

Surround yourself with a great support system as feeding two newborns can be tough physically and mentally. Your support system (not just your partner) need to help carry the load. As they say, it takes a village!  

She also recommends connecting with other twin-mums if you can. There are lots of local groups for mums of multiples who will provide you will invaluable tips and tricks and will understand you like no one else can.  

Routine is everything

A routine is key – one that works for you and your babies.

A routine can help to structure your day and ensure you don’t start it with that dreaded feeling of “how are we going to make it to the end of the day?” Getting into a routine puts you in charge and although you might be outnumbered, if you roughly know what’s happening and when, you’ll feel more confident.

Get organised

Colour coding is your best friend and write everything down.

In the early days, everything is a haze with one baby, let alone two! By writing who ate what and when for example, you’re not adding any additional mental load to your already overloaded brain.

It also helps any other caregivers understand what your babies might need if they are supporting you that day.

Final words of wisdom

Remember that being a twin-mum gives you double the kisses, double the cuddles, and double the love. Before you know it, the tough times are over and you’ll miss the chaos these two little babies caused! 

Now I get to enjoy those cuddles with my grandson, Edward.

And finally, don’t forget Basking Babies classes are very multiples-friendly and we won’t charge any extra for twins, triplets or more! You can enjoy paying the same price as those attending with only one baby. You are also welcome to bring another adult with you if you’d like to, but this is dependent on space so just needs to be confirmed with the relevant instructor beforehand. 

Find your local Basking Babies instructor here.  

About the author

Natalie Summers

Franchise owner and instructor for Basking Babies Brentwood & Billericay.


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