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Baby massage classes

In-person or live online




Basking Babies baby massage classes

Our baby massage classes are the perfect first class to enjoy with baby, suitable from birth until active crawling.

Baby massage is a very enjoyable way to spend time with your baby and has many associated benefits for you and your baby.

Before babies are able to communicate through language, they respond to touch for comfort and to understand the world around them. We naturally cuddle and stroke our babies and baby massage builds upon this.

Baby massage has been used for hundreds of years all over the world. It involves rhythmic and gentle strokes of your baby’s body as well as gentle manipulation of the joints to support growth, enhance bonds, and relieve stress.

If you are an expectant or new parent looking for the best start for you and your baby, then find your nearest Basking Babies class and join us to experience the magic for yourself in-person or live online.

If you would prefer a private class (1-1 or with a group of friends) please email or contact your local instructor.




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  • Prevent & alleviate colic
  • Soothe, settle & sleep
  • Relieve wind & congestion
  • Weight gain
  • Stimulate brain development
  • Improve immune system
  • Physical development
  • Enhance bonding
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  • Prevent/Alleviate PND
  • Peer support
  • Grow in confidence
  • Lifelong tools & techniques
  • Relaxation
  • Really get to know your baby
  • Enjoyable

What's included in your class

Expert tuition
Professional handouts
Organic baby massage oil
Interactive classes
Refreshments (In-person only of course!)
WhatsApp group
Discounts with Basking Babies affiliates
Facebook group
10% discount on our on-line gift vouchers for life

Our baby massage classes

One-off session

Prepare Us: Introduction to Baby Massage

Ideal to complete this one-off session when pregnant to learn essential baby massage techniques for newborns so that you can benefit from positive touch as soon as your baby is born.

Weekly sessions

Nurture Me (Part 1): Baby Massage Course

Join us on a weekly basis to learn our comprehensive baby massage routine, our Colic Combat baby massage routine and many more tools & techniques designed to soothe & relax both you and baby. Perfect to nurture both you and baby from birth.

Weekly sessions

Nurture Me (Part 2): More Massage & Baby Reflexology

This course follows on from Nurture Me (Part 1). In addition to enjoying the baby massage routine already learned, learn a new reflexology treatment each week specifically designed to ease and relieve normal baby discomforts.

nurture me
Weekly sessions

Nurture Me (Complete): Baby Massage & Baby Reflexology

Learn our comprehensive baby massage routine, our Colic Combat routine and our specially designed set of baby reflexology treatments. Perfect to nurture both you and baby from birth.

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One-off session

Graduate baby massage

If you’ve already learnt our comprehensive baby massage routine, our Colic Combat routine and our specially designed set of baby reflexology treatments, join our graduate baby massage class to continue weekly massage sessions with your baby.

Colic combat
One-off session

Colic Combat: Baby Massage for Colic Prevention & Alleviation

A one-off session to learn a specifically tailored baby massage routine to help prevent & alleviate wind, colic & congestion. Most often booked within baby’s first 12 weeks, but can be used at any stage where baby is struggling.

One-off session

Super Dads: Baby Massage for Dads

A unique baby massage workshop designed specifically for Dads to enjoy. Dads learn tools and techniques to help increase their confidence and to enhance their bond with their baby. Suitable from birth.

someone special
One-off session

Extended Love: Baby Massage with Someone Special

A one-off session accessible for all; whether parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt/uncle, friend, carer etc. Join us to learn our special baby massage routine and enjoy precious bonding time with baby. Suitable from birth.

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I loved how baby led the course was and how encouraged we were to change and feed baby, it was very relaxed and even if baby fed the whole session I still enjoyed going to learn the massages and see everyone.

Chloe and baby Eveyln

This massage course has been really helpful and essential to managing my baby’s wind and constipation. I’m glad I can help my baby’s discomfort and ensure her bowels are regular. Thank you!

Susanna and baby Maeve

We loved attending this class. It was beneficial for both me and my baby. I enjoyed meeting other mums and my baby got the benefits from the massage. I will definitely be using a lot of the things I learned in the class, at home. There is a lovely relaxed atmosphere at the class. We had fun every week. Can’t wait to sign up for yoga!

Marie and baby Arthur
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Our awards & recognitions

Basking Babies is a multi-award-winning brand. We have received a number of nominations, commendations, and wins for our classes, support services and more!