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Sharing & support circles

In-person or live online



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Basking Babies sharing & support circles

Pregnancy and motherhood can be incredibly magical and special yet can also be a vulnerable and lonely time for a new mum. 

Over 90% of mums say that they feel lonely (source: 2017), so finding a support network is more important than ever. It is so important for pregnant women and new mums to have somewhere to turn for support. A place to be heard and to share thoughts, feelings and experiences with no judgement – just pure support. Our circles help women to create that ’village’ that is so needed and yet not so often accessible in society today. We have weekly circles designed for women of any stage of pregnancy and any stage of motherhood. They are welcoming, safe, non-judgemental and supportive and provide real opportunity for women to find that much needed support network with other like-minded women.

If you are an expectant mum or new mum looking for a supportive community, then find your preferred Basking Babies class and join us to experience the magic for yourself in-person or live online.

If you would prefer a private class (1-1 or with a group of friends) please email or contact your local instructor.




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  • Tips and shared experiences within the group can help with general well-being of the child and child development
  • Mums who gain the support they need are likely to feel more able to confidently parent
  • Feelings of calm & relaxation, as circles can help reduce anxiety for mums
  • Enhance bonding – discussing ups and downs and knowing you are not alone can help connectedness with your child
  • Baby has the opportunity for socialising and making friends for life too
  • Baby grows up also recognising that their mother has an identity beyond mum that deserves to be nurtured and nourished i.e. instilling self-respect from the start
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  • Great place to meet other like minded mothers and create a support network
  • Circles are a safe place to share both the positive and negative
  • A fun way to enjoy time with other women, so you leave feeling happy and fulfilled
  • Reduces anxiety, stress, loneliness & depression through sharing and seeing that you are not alone
  • Improves general well-being – feel connected, emotionally lighter and empowered by the collective energy of the group
  • Provides valuable time and space to recognise that you have identity beyond mother that deserves to be nurtured and nourished

What's included in your class

Expert facilitation
Interactive classes
Refreshments (In-person only of course!)
WhatsApp group
Discounts with Basking Babies affiliates
Facebook group
10% discount on our on-line gift vouchers for life

Our sharing & support circle classes

Weekly sessions

Mama-to-be Nurture Circle

Come and meet your Mama-to-be tribe! These circles are an open and supportive place to connect with other mums-to-be as you navigate your pregnancy. If you are looking for community and connection with other mums-to-be, and want to know you are not alone, then these circles are for you. 

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Weekly sessions

Mama Nurture Circle

Come and meet your Mama tribe! These circles are an open and supportive place to connect with other mums as you navigate the early weeks and months with a newborn. If you are looking for community and connection with other new mums, and want to know you are not alone, then these circles are for you. 

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One-off session

Mama Mixer

An opportunity to relax, enjoy a cuppa and chat with like-minded mums and their little ones. Find and build your village. 

Find your local class today

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Each week I feel very supported in such a safe space. I look forward to it every week!

Laura and baby bump

I attended the mamma-to-be circle for more than three months and it's totally worth it! There was never a moment I wouldn't feel like home, I could share my fears and concerns as a first time mum and get advice from all the other participants.

Sara and baby bump

I feel so privileged to have been able to attend the mama nurture circle. It was amazing to be able to relate to people and always felt such a safe place. Thank you so much.  

Alice Reeve and baby Isla

Other Basking Babies classes


Baby massage

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Baby reflexology

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Baby yoga


Pregnancy relaxation

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Sharing & support circles

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Our awards & recognitions

Basking Babies is a multi-award-winning brand. We have received a number of nominations, commendations, and wins for our classes, support services and more!