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Baby Yoga Classes

Baby Yoga encourages playful interaction and communication between parent and baby and promotes healthy development. Baby Yoga perfectly compliments Baby Massage and expands the benefits of touch with those of movement and relaxation. Our classes help to attune you to your baby’s needs, and to calm or stimulate baby as appropriate with a sense of security and well-being. It is beneficial for all babies and you don’t need to practice yoga or even know anything about yoga to get started with your baby. Baby Yoga offers quality physical stimulation, now essential in an urban sedentary lifestyle where babies are often strapped in car seats or equivalent in the home. Baby Yoga can be practised instantly anywhere at anytime and always produces pleasure and happiness for both adult and baby.

The benefits of Baby Yoga include:

  • -Strengthening of the physical body
  • -Improved digestion and relief for colicky babies
  • -Balance and harmony of the body systems
  • -Helps babies to move from reflex to voluntary movements
  • -Stimulation of all the senses
  • -Helps to settle babies and improve sleep patterns
  • -Enhances bonding, communication between parent and baby
  • -Tactile stimulation contributes to the development of the brain and nervous system
  • -A celebration of the individuality of each baby

There are many more benefits to Baby Yoga – join us for a course to find out for yourself.

Group sessions:

Delivered in a relaxing, calm and home from home environment – the perfect way to meet other parents in the local area and learn Baby Yoga which can provide benefits to you and your baby for life.

Move With Me: baby yoga (pre-crawling)
45 minute sessions

Our Baby Yoga (pre-crawling) courses are fun, informative and relaxing, using music and rhymes throughout. We teach you a whole range of different moves, sequences and songs to enjoy during the class with your baby, but also so you can feel confident practising at home together. These classes are not just about baby; ease your way back into exercise after the birth of your baby and discover how yoga can help you to stretch, strengthen and tone your body and restore your sense of well being. We also encourage time and space for relaxation at the end of each class, which is always welcomed by both adult and baby after the physical activity of the session.

We have two courses that are perfectly designed to suit babies pre-crawling babies from 3 months old (a 3-6 months course and a 6-9 months course). There is no prior yoga experience required to enjoy our Baby Yoga classes, our classes are completely inclusive to all.

Individual sessions:

The above can be delivered individually and tailored to your specific needs and requirements in the comfort of your own home.