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Spotlight on baby massage

Thursday 21 July 2022

Our baby massage classes are the perfect first class to enjoy with baby, suitable from birth until active crawling. Find our more in our latest blog post.

What is baby massage?

Baby massage is an enjoyable way to spend time with your baby, and has many associated benefits.

Before babies are able to communicate through language, they respond to touch for comfort and to understand the world around them. We naturally cuddle and stroke our babies and baby massage builds upon this.

Despite only being introduced formally in the US in the 1970s, baby massage has been used for hundreds of years all over the world. It involves rhythmic and gentle strokes of your baby’s body as well as gentle manipulation of the joints to support growth, enhance bonds, and relieve stress.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

For baby

  • Prevent & alleviate colic
  • Soothe, settle & sleep
  • Relieve wind & congestion
  • Weight gain
  • Stimulate brain development
  • Improve immune system
  • Physical development
  • Enhance bonding

For you

  • Prevent/Alleviate PND
  • Peer support
  • Grow in confidence
  • Lifelong tools & techniques
  • Relaxation
  • Really get to know your baby
  • Enjoyable

Baby massage FAQs

Is it possible to attend class with multiples, so for instance, twins or triplets?

Definitely! We are very multiples-friendly and don’t charge any extra for multiples – so you can enjoy paying the same price as those attending with only one baby. In our classes anything goes and the babies are most definitely in charge, which means that at any one time there are often some babies sleeping, feeding, having a nappy change etc. So, you wouldn’t need to worry that both your babies weren’t being massaged at all times. You can just move between your babies as you feel best, depending on which of them is ready for a massage at the time. You are also welcome to bring another adult with you if you’d like to, but this is space dependent so just needs to be confirmed with the relevant instructor first. We don’t offer to massage your baby for you because one of the amazing benefits of baby massage is the bonding experience between you and your babies, which we wouldn’t want to detract from.

How does it work if baby wants to feed, sleep or have a nappy change during the class?

In our classes baby is in charge. We encourage parents to meet the needs of babies as and when the need arises. We want all parents to feel completely comfortable at any point in the class to do exactly what they need/want to do. So whether it is breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, baby wants to sleep, baby needs changing etc. Anything goes! The classes are always relaxed and informal, so you should feel relaxed to do as you need to. They are also informative and social, so if  baby isn’t being massaged there is always so much to enjoy from the class.

What if baby has a medical condition?

Whilst baby massage & reflexology can greatly assist with many normal baby discomforts, if baby has any additional medical conditions we would recommend that you get consent from your GP prior to attending.

You can view our full set of FAQs here.

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